Inundation Modeling | Center for Urban Water, Sri Lanka

Inundation Modeling

 Two hydro-dynamic models are being used for forecasting canal flows and surfacd inuncation. Later as new models became available they will be incorpoarated in the system. 

  • FLO-2D
  • MIKE 21


Flo-2D is an integrated GIS and hydrological model (by Flo-2D Software, INC, Arizona, USA). It is a volume conservation flood-routing model that can be used to simulate overland and channel flow over a complex topography. It is also a physical process model that routes rainfall-runoff and flood hydrographs over unconfined flow surfaces or in channels using the dynamic wave approximation to the momentum equation.

Mike Model

Mike 11, Mike 21 and Mike Urban are used to model Metro Colombo Canal system to develop hazard maps, evaluate  flood control measures and generate risk maps.