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As kids return to school, debate is heating up once again over how they should spend their time after they leave the classroom for the day. What does doing “better” mean? What steps will he need to take to achieve this “better” performance? Make sure that if you do your homework when your teacher or friend checks it that after school you go through it. Researchers who looked at data from more than 18,000 10th-graders found there was little correlation between the time students spent doing homework and better grades in math and science courses. You can change your grades by practicing a few healthy homework habits. Is homework necessary to get good grades? Learn how to help kids get better grades by making homework a positive experience for everyone. Throughout the first few decades of the 20th century, educators commonly believed that homework helped create disciplined minds. Make the goals specific. “Connor will do better in math next quarter,” is a diffi-cult goal to achieve. Let our professional writers provide you with best college & university assignments. The time spent on homework reported by most students represents the equivalent of 100-180 50-minute class periods of extra learning time each year, according to the report. We help thousands of students get better grades every day. Developing Grading Criteria Making Grading More Efficient Providing Meaningful Feedback to Students Maintaining Grading Consistency in Multi-Sectioned Courses Minimizing Student Complaints about Grading What Purposes Do Grades Serve? The logical consequences will come from the choices he makes—if he doesn’t choose to get work done, his grades will drop. It can teach children self-discipline and responsibility. Be sure to stay on top of your homework assignments so you're always ready for the next day, writing service standards and create a study schedule so you can prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes without cramming at the. I was struggling with completing my data structure and algorithms homework on time, so I turned to the internet to see where I could get some help and that’s when I came across this website. And if your child seems overwhelmed by homework, hire a tutor to help out.

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A combination of hydrological and hydro-dynamic  models are used to forecast the state of water in the Colombo System with rainfall inputs from numerical weather forecasts, satellite data and rain gauge observations. Current and future canal water levels, interaction with river and the lake water levels are forecast in 15 min time intervals at present.


The impact of urbanization on urban water as well as impacts of floods on population and properties are modeled. Pre-disaster loss estimations based on vulnerability functions for different building categories are carried out to clarify flood control investment needed. Various urban water management strategies including improving conveyance as well as retention, including green infrastructure are studied. 


A dense network of rainfgauges and water level sensors are planned to be installed in the basin. A scada control system will be employed to control 3 pumping stations and 3 gate structures. In addition future developments in retention storage units will also be monitored and control through the center.


Six stories of a new building will house a state-of-the-art center for data integration, modelling, control and dissemination. The first two floors are planned for public outreach, the 3rd floor for data integration and flood control, 4th floor for environmental services, 5th floor for R&D and the 6th floor for administration.


Develop an integrated flood control and water management information system for flood risk reduction through optimal operational use of flood control facilities such as pumps, storages facilities, surface storages and  flood early warning system for Metro Colombo. Center will also assess current and evolving future water related risks to Megapolis from urban development as well as climate change.


Promote flood safety and livability of Metro Colombo, supporting the Megapolis development and operations through integrated spatial and temporal information management.

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CUrW has opportunities for enterprising young engineers and scientists interested in high performance computing, data integration, IoT development and information management. On the job M.Eng and M.Sc. opportunities are available for qualified candidates. 

We are also looking for partners to join us in environmental monitoring and education.


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